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How can we avoid rising energy costs and save money?

sunset-surferThe cost of energy is rising and with the Carbon price, the cost of non-renewable electricity generation will increase. However, there are many things that households can take to avoid these increased costs and even save money. These are:

  1. Invest in energy efficiency – from installing compact florescent and LED globes through to energy efficient appliances, these investments generate financial savings that outweigh the cost, often in just a couple of years.
  2. Invest in renewable power generation – with Government rebates, the cost of reducing your energy bills by an astute investment in solar hot water or photovoltaic cells is quickly repaid through cheaper power bills.
  3. Slow your consumption – calculating the true cost of a purchase can be a sobering experience when we include the credit card interest and consider how much of our life we have to spend working to pay it all off. By deferring purchases, buying second hand and generally questioning our attachment to things we can save money and ease the daily stress.

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