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DIY environmental home checklist

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Time to grab the clipboard and run the environmental ruler over your home. Identify the low hanging fruit and big bang actions that will quickly and easily reduce your homes impact on the environment.

The journey to reduce your home's energy and water use is one of many small steps. Tips and actions from changing leaking taps to installing ceiling insulation can be easily done by anyone. More sophisticated actions like installing solar hot water will require a tradesperson. However, the key is to keep pushing through them all. This way you can massively reduce your contribution to climate change and water scarcity.

How to do it now!

Take a wander through your home and identify what needs to change in your daily habits or installed in order to improve the energy and water efficiency of your home. And once you have the list, start doing it!

Cultivate energy-saving habits Switch off all lights when you don't need them Medium Child's play
  Switch off all electrical appliances (at the wall) when not in use Medium Child's play
  Turn down your thermostat and put on a jumper Medium Child's play
  Use pot lids when cooking Modest Child's play
  Drink cold water Modest Child's play
  Drying your clothes on the line or inside on a clothes horse Medium Child's play
  Avoid disposable batteries Modest Child's play
Cultivate water saving habits Turn off taps when brushing your teeth Modest Child's play
  Keep showers minimised to 3 - 4 minutes Medium Child's play
  Scrape dishes into the bin instead of rinsing them Modest Child's play
  Run the dishwasher only when full Modest Child's play
  Wash clothes on cold water only OR wash only full loads of washing Modest Child's play
  Capture cold water while waiting for warm water to arrive and use in garden. Modest Child's play
  Fix dripping taps and toilets quickly Modest One off job
  Turn off taps when shaving Modest Child's play
Use water efficiently Install a water efficient shower head Medium One off job
  Install low-flow taps Modest One off job
  Install dual flush toilets Medium One off job
  Use the water twice Medium Child's play
  Invest in a front loading clothes washing machine with WELS water rating Medium One off job
Embrace energy efficiency Install insulation in ceiling, floor and walls Medium One off job
  Install compact fluorescent globes Medium One off job
  Shift to double-glazed windows Medium One off job
  Block the summer heat Medium  
  Circulate air Medium One off job
  Rug up in winter Medium Child's play
  Use sunlight to heat the home during winter Medium Child's play
Insulate, shade & weatherproof your house Plant trees to shade the house in Summer Medium One off job
  Weatherproofing your house from draughts and air leaks Medium One off job
Buy renewable electricity Buy Renewable Electricity Massive One off job
Install solar hot water Install Solar Hot Water Massive One off job
Generate your own electricity Install photovoltaic panels on your roof Massive One off job
Harvest and use your rainwater Harvest and use your Rainwater Medium One off job
Install efficient appliances and fixtures Replace your old fridge with an energy efficient (5 star) fridge. Medium One off job
  Replace your old washing Machine with an energy and water efficient (5 star) washing machine. Medium One off job
  Replace your old dishwasher with an energy and water efficient (5 star) dishwasher. Medium One off job
Impact on the environment = Massive | Medium | Modest
How easy is it to do this action = One off job | Child's play

Why is this action important?

The profound changes we need to make to our lifestyles in order to live sustainably will only come about if we address all the areas in our lives where we use energy, water and other resources. Taking a thorough and informed approach will ensure we don’t miss the elephants in the corner while chasing the mice around the floor…


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