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About Us

The Natural Strategies Group - A vibrant business and a sustainable lifestyle.

"Natural Strategies" are those things we do to inform, challenge and grow ourselves in ways that improve our wellbeing while moving us toward sustainability.

The Natural Strategies Group (NSG) was started in 2005 to blend work, passion and personal growth into a vibrant business and sustainable lifestyle.

The Natural Strategies Group inspires and supports people to live more sustainably and reduce their contribution to climate change. We do this by providing online tools, services and content to help our clients engage and support their residents, staff and customers.

The Sustainable Communities Portal (SCP)

We have developed this web site, eco Council, to demonstrate a working example of the Sustainable Communities Portal (SCP) and how it might work for your council.

The Sustainable Communities Portal (SCP), a digital publishing and software platform, extends and builds on the Sustainable Living Guide (SLG), a digital content product, designed to encourage and facilitate people looking to reduce their impact on our environment.

The Sustainable Communities Portal provides a broad collection (70+) of researched actions that people can take at home and in the workplace to reduce their impact on the environment.

The Sustainable Communities Portal incorporates a range of features and tools for fostering sustainable behaviour change. These include:

  • Ecological footprint calculator. We have augmented the guide with an ecological footprint calculator that shows the power, water and financial savings of 38 sustainable actions.
  • Personlisation. Residents/households can calculate their own household’s footprint then create and store a personal action plan by pledging to undertake actions to a timetable and a goal that suits their circumstances. Households can continue to track and modify their savings and share their progress online.
  • Community tally. The collective ecological footprint (CO2, land, and water) and financial ($) savings of all households are measured and celebrated on the front page of the web site, through the site’s community tally.
  • Community engagement. The site integrates a number of social media features to allow registered residents/households to share their story, submit their events, ask and answer questions and post their comments. This not only allows your council to facilitate a community conversation between like-minded households, but also build vital content that engages and encourages participation.
  • Data reporting and content management. The website provides your council with statistical data on each of the actions being undertaken by households and the cumulative savings (GHG and financial savings) that result from household actions. It also allows you to administer selected sections of the website including events, council programs and moderate user-added content.

The Sustainable Communities Portal is implemented as a hosted mini site providing your council with a dedicated enevironment and sustainability portal for your community. The design is styled as part of your councils brand and the content is customised and localised to address deeper local and/or organisational information and themes. The Sustainable Communities Portal can provide an incredibly cost-effective role in your council’s response to the environmental challenges we face.